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About Us

We help you find great deals and get Cash Back for your daily purchases. We have developed a robust online shopping solution. A website that offers the best deals and cash refunds to over 4,000 merchants. The Save button, which provides a coupon code (even at check-out), handles notifications and cash refunds while shopping on the partner site.

All you need to do is sign up, shop and cash back.
Here's how it works.

Once you join, you can find discounts and cashback services at thousands of stores. You can earn cash back by clicking on the store site on our site and making a purchase - up to 40% per dollar spent! When you earn enough, we send you a payment.

Why do we get the cash back? It's simple: The website pays us money when we send people. We think you deserve the money. So we share it with our members.

Our browser saves buttons and save you more. When you download the Saved button, it appears in the top right corner of your desktop browser. Select this button to browse your favorite stores or deals. When you're on the store site, you can click the Save button to let them know that the deal has been closed and find the coupon code that you can apply at checkout. I will not put the money back on the table again!

Get along with over 80 million other online shoppers who have earned millions of dollars in cash refunds. Sign up for a free account now!

You can get special deals on Facebook, follow Twitter or Google+ exclusive announcements, or download mobile apps.

Shop more. You can earn more. Pay loyalty.